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Trent W
Great Body Work! I'm a runner and I've had a lot of massage work done by many masseuse. It's difficult to find someone that understands the aches and pains that goes along with the miles out on the trails. Fortunately, I found Diane recently and my muscles have rarely been in better shape. Diane combines a professional attitude of timeliness, convenience and thoughtfulness with a thorough understanding of the body. Being a runner herself it's easy to communicate what areas have issues. And, once she knows the area in need of work her ability allows her to get at not just the surface tightness, but around, over, under and through whatever knots exist. If your in need of great body work, I'd give Diane a try.
Fred B
Great Service My wife and I accidentally met Diane just weeks after we decided to move on from our previous, long-time masseuse. The timing was perfect. Diane has quickly figured out all our kinks to our great benefit.
Bryan S
Outstanding Massage Therapist! If you're an athlete that's looking for a massage therapist that can make a difference in your training and your health, look for further. (And if you're not an athlete, that's ok too!) I first discovered Diane at one of the many races she volunteers her time at. As an athlete herself, she understands the needs of athletes and the she knows the repetitive-use and stress that training can have of various parts of your body. She is very knowledgeable and her work is thorough -- it has absolutely made a positive impact on my training. Another thing that sets Diane apart is her involvement and volunteer work with the running community throughout northern California. On a routine basis, she volunteers a large amount of her time every month and does so because she cares for runners and wants to help the running community. What's not to love about that? And she's an outstanding therapist too... Give Diane a try. You won't be disappointed! - Bryan
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage Diane is helping me recover from a running injury. I appreciate her helping me explore the possibilities.